Post Redesign

At Lifeworks, apart from general design work, I was put into the Social Team as the lead designer. As part of the Social Team there are a lot of parts of the platform that needs working on, but my main focus was the social feed and I suggested that we re-design the thing entirely so that it would become consistent. This culminated in the new post’s you see below, the old “nipple” posts did not seem to have a consistent style to them, key elements would shift around and so with the re-design we gave all the key elements a place they would appear, regardless of the post, after that we change the “action bar” to match our new cleaner posts.


Navigation was a key change that we needed to make and in doing so we cleaned up what we felt was a quite unwieldy and daunting navigation. Removing the hamburger menu meant we could surface all of our key app sections to the user instantly. Also planning to add items like global search and section hub pages means that we can present the users with the information they are looking for without making them dig through different layers of menu’s. We also took a decision to clean up the desktop navigation. Removing things like dividing lines & drop shadows and lowering the font size meant that the menu was easy to adapt when changing languages because it freed up valuable space.



Illustrations & Icons

There have been occasions where we have needed to create new illustrations and icons for sections of the product, whether that be empty states, new badges, onboarding, cinemas etc. Here are a few that I produced