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Glaxo Smith Kline




As part of a small team at DigitasLBi we took on the challenge of redesigning GlaxoSmithCline’s online Healtchare Professional web portal. The old portal had gone stale and in a time of ever evolving web experiences GSK felt that it was time for them to catch up.




12 Months

Our approach

Our design team, myself included set away to tear apart the old portal and see what key templates we could create to present back to GSK. After the tear down we split up to focus on different routes, with myself being one of the more junior team members I was given the task of keeping the same portal style with no new UX and giving it a reskin. Thankfully GSK went for a completely new experience that gave our UX team to come up with something that gave the users easier access to the content most important to them.

Responsive Web Design

With the new portal being a modernisation approach naturally we were to design and build this site to be fully responsive. We did this by adopting the mobile first way of designing to ensure that everything we thought of would work across all screens, our base screen was the iPhone 4 and we used this due to research completed by us and the existing portal analytics telling us that the device used to access the site most was the iPhone 4.


The styleguide put together for our supplied buildkit is a bit of a beast, she is a 90 page comprehenensive guide for elements all over the new portal. We have gone into the smallest of details in this document and include pixel measurements for everything supplied, this is to go along with actually supplying the build company with our original pixel accurate PSD’s and an online styleguide.

This was the first time I had had to tackle a document like this and in that respect it was a big challenge, but it was also very fun, having to ensure it was chocked full with everything. Hopefully when the final build is finished and we look back through this document we will see it was worth it to have a great looking online portal.